At Almost 300 Lbs, Regan Grimes’ Transformation At Oxygen Gym Is Astounding!

Regan Grimes is looking more impressive with every passing week in Kuwait.

It’s already been discussed that Oxygen Gym is turning into the go to facility for bodybuilders to take their gains to the next level. When Brandon Curry first went to Oxygen Gym he was a bodybuilder with a ton of potential and great genetics. Since training at the facility we’ve watched Curry turn into a true contender. The same can be said of other top bodybuilders like Roelly Winklaar and Big Ramy. The drastic change to their physiques showcased that the coaches and trainers at Oxygen Gym are on to something. Now, the same is holding true for Regan Grimes.

While he is still young in the game, Regan Grimes has already made a pretty major impression on the bodybuilding community. While he isn’t Olympia caliber yet, it’s pretty obvious that Grimes has the kind of potential that will take him far. We’ve seen many flashes of greatness from other young competitors only to see them falter when it counts. But the drive and dedication Regan Grimes is showcasing seems to be on another level.

Regan Grimes has only just started his journey towards the top, yet he has already grown to understand that making the move to Kuwait was one that would ultimately benefit his career. There aren’t many 24 year old men with that kind of dedication and strategic thought process.

Only months into his journey with Oxygen Labs, we’re seeing a Regan Grimes that is coming into his own and he still isn’t in his prime. The video below shows just how massive he has become weighing in at around 290 lbs and maintaining a slim and tight waist to boot. Take a look at the Instagram post below.

Coach is happy ??? @abdullah_84otb #RgArmy #Bodybuilding #BpiSports #BubbleGutBonanza @luimarco

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What do you think the future holds for Regan Grimes in the Open Weight division?

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  1. I bet you all the 300lb+’ers at Oxygen live longer than most pro’s here. And here is why. They have access to bloodwork,mri’s,etc… anytime they need it. Bader Bodai is a multi billionaire and will do whatever these guys need. I bet there is a full team of Dr.’s just dedicated to his people.


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