This amateur is an absolute monster to watch.

In this day and age of bodybuilding, there are a contingent of fans who are quick to either right off amateurs looking to turn pro or in fact anyone who isn’t at the top of the heap. While it’s understandable to an extent, especially considering all the great bodybuilders who never went all the way, sometimes having high hopes for a prospect pays off. Cody Montgomery, Justin Compton, Dallas McCarver, these are just a few bodybuilders who were merely amateurs in the beginning but are all considered top prospects. McCarver himself has already cracked the top 10 in the world.

Every bodybuilder started as an amateur after all. And with all that being said, we have to turn our attention to an amateur bodybuilder who is in some ridiculous shape.

Most of you probably haven’t heard of Blessing Awodibu, the amateur bodybuilder from Ireland. While he may not be a professional bodybuilder yet, he’s indeed going for his pro card, all with the intention of one day becoming a bodybuilding champion the likes of Phil Heath. From what we can see, he’s on his way to being a true beast to watch. Take a look at the monster Blessing Awodibu.

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