Andre Ferguson Is Looking Like A Superhero Days Out From Olympia

Andre Ferguson is looking ready for the stage.

While the Olympia showcases who the best competitors in the world truly are, the build up to the event can be considered even more epic than the show itself. There are so many questions heading into the contest that are swiftly answered once the competitors hit the stage and begin their routines. Jeremy Buendia is the reigning Men’s Physique champion and as such is the favorite to once again win the Olympia. But that doesn’t mean he won’t have some tough competition to deal with, namely the always impressive Andre Ferguson.

A competitor who always comes in tremendous condition at every show, Andre Ferguson has proven himself to be an incredible athlete. While he hasn’t defeated Jeremy Buendia in competition, the fans always make constant comparisons to the two competitors. Andre Ferguson looks like he jumped right of a comic book with his shredded form. If he’s able to bring his current conditioning into the Olympia then there’s certainly a chance that he’ll give Buendia one of his toughest challenges to date.

With the Olympia less than a week away, the progress pics are slowing down as the competitors hope to leave room for shock and surprise on the day of the event. As such, Andre Ferguson released his final progress pics before the show and they look extremely impressive.

Do you think Andre Ferguson can defeat Jeremy Buendia?

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