Androsurge Estrogen Blocker and Test Booster Review

Know what Androsurge can best offer us? – Estrogen Blocker and Test Booster Review

Natural products for essential health purposes are always sought after…!! Of all the hormonal troubles that we come across, increased estrogen levels for men can bring in varied issues and abnormalities. Testosterone and their influence on bodily functions are undoubtedly important. It can interfere with the day to day activities as well. What can be an effective solution here? Can medication solve the issue, or does it bring any side effects as it always will? Why experiment on such alternatives when you have natural supplements…!! Here we have one of the best products in the market, Androsurge, that can serve as an effective supplement in this regard.

What is Androsurge? 

It is Jacked Factory – Inc’s premium product scientifically acknowledged as a natural Estrogen blocker and testosterone boosting supplement. Apart from these properties, this product is known to increase the sensitivity towards androgen receptors. It can also enhance your performance mentally and physically. It is made up of natural ingredients and hence considered very safe to consume. It can increase the nutritional levels in your body to a considerable extent. Let us go ahead and delve deep inside to know what features make this product the best.



  • It can strengthen your muscles and increase the endurance levels while working out
  • Aids in effective weight loss by accelerating fat loss and promoting lean muscle growth
  • It is an excellent energy booster
  • Reduces stress and lets you go mentally fresh
  • Contains natural and safe ingredients
  • Helps easy recovery from injuries


  • Takes time to adjust and give results; may cause headaches initially

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Ingredients and Nutritional Content

The serving size here is one capsule. And one capsule contains 1000 IU of Vitamin D as Cholecalciferol; 9.5 mg Zinc as Zinc Orotate; 150mg of Grape Seed Extract; 150mg of Diindolylmethane; 125mg of Rhodiola Root Extract; 100mg of Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extract and 5mg of BioPerine. It also contains Hypromellose and Leucine. Let us understand the importance of these ingredients.

  • Vitamin D is essential to keep our body stable hormonally and otherwise, too. The deficiency of it can lead to health issues due to very low testosterone levels and even osteoporosis.
  • Zinc is essential to increase the testosterone component and also recover from any fertility issues.
  • Diindolylmethane is a crucial component that can lower the undesirable benefits of estrogen in men. It is also proven to have anti-carcinogenic properties.
  • Aromatase enzyme (1) essentially contributes to the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

The Grape seed extract inhibits this. It also provides a boost to nitric oxide production.

  • Cortisol is a harmful hormone that increases the stress levels in men. Rhodiola contains a compound, salidroside that can repress the cortisol levels and enhance testosterone levels naturally.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia Extract naturally exhibits anti-estrogen levels and also permits the increase of testosterone.
  • Bioperine acts as an exceptional ingredient in developing the bioavailability of all the ingredients present in the product.

It is a safe and hygienic product that contains no additional fillers, dyes, or preservatives. The ingredients mentioned above are backed by active and sincere research. It is manufactured in a cGMP facility and is rich in quality standards.

Benefits of Androsurge 

1. Blocks estrogen and boosts testosterone levels

Aromatase, which is also called estrogen synthetase, is an important ingredient in estrogen biological synthesis. Estradiol (2) is the exact form of estrogen produced in the body. It is synthesized from testosterone or estrogen with the help of aromatase. According to research, 60% of the estradiol is derived from secretion from the testicular organs and also from the conversion of androgens connected to testosterone. The rest is manufactured from the conversion of peripheral androgens. Androsurge contains ingredients that can inhibit this conversion process. It helps improve the extent of testosterone levels, especially in adult men.

2. Enhance muscle strength

This product can be used as a good option to build muscles. It helps you realize muscle fullness during your excessive workout sessions and help reduce muscle catabolism, as well. It can balance nutrition for effective fat loss and maximize muscle building at the same time. Results tend to appear slowly; however, it is long-lasting.

3. Energy Booster

Androsurge readily increases libido levels and boosts energy. It helps in increasing your power endurance during your training and workout sessions. It will motivate you towards your goals, keep you stress-free, and stay in a good state of mind mentally. It can increase the blood circulation within the body parts. As oxygen is transported through your bloodstream, muscles get strengthened better. You can work longer and with full enthusiasm…!!

4. Quality Ingredients

As we have seen in detail, this product contains a lot of natural ingredients in the right composition for varied properties. This ensures we will not suffer from harmful side effects. Also, it does not contain any additional flavors or preservatives that can trigger health issues internally. It can increase the blood sugar levels that you may not know until symptoms appear later. It is manufactured under safe conditions that it is highly rich in quality and standards.

Quick Results

Compared to other similar products, Androsurge is found to give the required results in just a week or two. You can see the level of anxiety and stress getting reduced and that you get some peaceful and deep sleep at night. You can feel the strength and motivation happening gradually that help you increase your work out timings.

Is it safe and good to consume these supplements?

These supplements are considered safe because they are made with natural ingredients in the first place. So, they cannot bring in any harmful side effects. Also, as it does not contain any adulteration, it will not affect the normal functioning of our body in any way. These supplements are manufactured after active scientific research and sometimes prescribed by medical practitioners as well.

The exact time for consumption and the correct dosage levels are important here. Consuming more or less of these capsules can invite unwanted health issues. It is important not to use this product if you receive the package with the bottle seal open or damaged. Also, ensure it is stored in a cool and dry place.

How to consume Androgen Supplements?

Firstly, this product is exclusively manufactured for the use of adults. Just ensure you keep it out of the reach of children at any time. It is advised that this product is always consumed 20 minutes before meals. Take one capsule with a glass of water two times a day. To see effective results on your testosterone levels and your weight with energy all in one go, regularly consume for up to 12 weeks.

My Take on Androsurge

I have been suffering from unbalanced testosterone levels and the associated effects for a long time. I have tried different ways to get rid of these problems. However, every method had its side effects.

As far as Androsurge is concerned, it has multiple concrete benefits that are proven to be effective in multiple ways. Within a few weeks, I could see the testosterone levels increasing slowly. This has, in a way, made me productive in my work out sessions and elsewhere as well. It has no pronounced side effects unless you consume it at the wrong time and either less or excessive quantity.

I could stay satisfied with the quality of products used because the ingredients are backed by active scientific research and are manufactured at a CGMP facility. It does not include any harmful additives a well. I feel convinced about every factor that I look for in supplements in this product.

It might take some time to show up results with this product. However, it is effective over a long time in our life. It is a necessary supplement that boosts energy, reduces stress, and helps you stay confident over all your activities..!!

How much does it cost?

One bottle pack of this supplement costs 35.99 dollars. However, it contains 60 pills necessary to serve you exactly one month. It is cost-effective and worth the money spent. You get plenty of health benefits with a natural feel and absolutely no side effects..!!

Overall rating

Effectiveness – 9.5/10

Ingredients – 9/10

Taste – 8/10

Price – 9/10

A Final Word

So, we have seen the importance of the Androsurge product in standing as an Estrogen blocker and as a Testosterone booster. We have also seen in detail the ingredients and nutritional information that is very much transparent. Also, we came across the additional benefits that it offers to our bodies. Hence, to conclude, this is one of the finest products that help you manage your health requirements hormonally with a natural touch. Just go purchasing this product online, get it delivered at your doorstep, and enjoy the benefits…!!



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