Antoine Vaillant Is Motivated To Battle Regan Grimes At The Toronto Pro

A Canadian rivalry is brewing.

Bodybuilding is in need of new blood. More than that, bodybuilding is in need of new rivalries. That may sound like a troll-like mentality, but the reality is that if interest is going to build there needs to be competitive circumstances, beefs, wars of words that lead to greater exposure for a given event.

We can no longer wait for the next massive freak show bodybuilder or unreal shredded beast to get interest in competitions booming again. Instead, the focus should be on generating interest through the personalities in the sport. To build interest, intriguing storylines are needed and what better storyline than a rivalry to get the blood pumping.

Antoine Vaillant is talented Canadian bodybuilder on the rise. Like Vaillant, Regan Grimes is also a talented Canadian bodybuilder looking to carve out his own path in the IFBB Open Weight division. As the Toronto Pro approaches, Antoine Vaillant and Regan Grimes appear to be on a collision course. But it seems that rather than shy away from such a challenge, Antoine Vaillant is embracing the notion of doing battle with Regan Grimes on stage. His recent post showcases not only his impressive physique, but his confidence in challenging one of the top prospects in the game today.

But Regan Grimes is looking truly impressive as he prepares for both the New York and Toronto Pro shows.

Posing Update: New York Pro 2018 4 weeks out ?#TeamAceto #RgArmy #259lbs #BpiSports

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This could be the beginnings of a truly interesting all Canadian rivalry!

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Jacob Ladon
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