WATCH: Get Some Top Secret Tips In The November Issue Of The Applied Metabolics Newsletter

Another month, another Applied Metabolics Newsletter.

It’s November and you know what that means. Another issue of Jerry Brainum’s Applied Metabolics is here and ready to offer some priceless knowledge to it’s viewership. Jerry Brainum is going a bit outside the box for this months newsletter.

Rather than offer the usual Applied Metabolic experience, Jerry Brainum is looking to switch things up by offering his readership some very interesting information they’d be unable to receive otherwise. Jerry has been around the block and has absorbed a ton of great knowledge through his life’s journey. One such piece of knowledge is understanding that science conferences may not be the most entertaining for him, but that they provide a wealth of valuable information about studies that are being conducted in regards to health and fitness, studies that aren’t yet privy to the average Joe.

Take a look at the video above to get a preview of what to expect from the November issue of the Applied Metabolics newletter.

There are much more topics covered in this months newsletter so to find out more, go to the Applied Metabolics website and sign up for the monthly newsletter in order to increase your knowledge.

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