Arash Rahbar: “No one is gaining muscle with home workouts.”

The recent world crisis has put nearly the entire planet on lockdown as local business and non-essential services shutdown. This includes major heavy hits to the bodybuilding industry such as amateur and pro competitions being cancelled or postponed. But more importantly, it includes gyms worldwide to close their doors as well. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Arash Rahbar warns how a long term shutdown of gyms will ultimately lead to massive muscle loss on all bodybuilders across the globe.

While it is surely frustrating that nearly all bodybuilding competitions have been cancelled or postponed until later in the year – what is more frightening is the gym closures. Why? Because even when this virus passes (which in itself could take a very long time), competitive bodybuilders will not be ready to compete in future shows. If this crisis lasts for multiple months as expected, bodybuilders across the globe will certainly lose muscle.

In our latest interview with Classic Physique competitor Arash Rahbar, he makes it very clear that home workouts will not cut it for pro bodybuilders. “No one is gaining muscle with home workouts.” For those holding on hope that it’s possible to build and maintain mass monster muscle from home – the illusion has just been shattered.

Arash Rahbar goes on to explain that if this were only to last a few weeks – it won’t be a big deal. Bodybuilders will hold onto their muscle during the “break” and come back to full form. But with this crisis now expecting to last at least one or two more months minimum – it’s impossible for bodybuilders to prevent muscle atrophy.

Sure they can slow it down with home workouts but not enough to lose progress. So the big question becomes – will there be enough time for competitors to get back when the season opens up? If they only have a month to prepare for an Olympia qualifier – then immediately jump into competing at the Olympia – it just won’t be enough time.

Based off Arash Rahbar’s warnings, what we might have is a bodybuilding season full of subpar physiques. The Olympia will be less impressive and perhaps even have less top talent appearing. Ultimately, we might just need to accept that 2020 will be a dud of a year for bodybuilding.

While that might be a disappointment for fans – what is more concerning is how it might affect the actual business of bodybuilding. It take a lot of people to make bodybuilding the sport that it is – from the local gyms, to the promoters, to the staff crew working events. How much damage will this due to the industry? Not just the athlete’s muscle and physique but the economy of the sport as a whole?

The whole world is reeling from this in every aspect of life. For bodybuilding – we will likely see tough times ahead. Staying strong, supporting others, and following safety guidelines can help us get through this together.

Watch Arash Rahbar explain in detail how bodybuilding show cancellations and gym closures will affect bodybuilding in our GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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