Arash Rahbar warns of the hidden dangers in certain foods that even serious pro bodybuilders might be missing.

Diet and nutrition is a huge part of a bodybuilding lifestyle. While training and working out are important – they mean nothing without the proper diet to build an amazing physique. But just because a bodybuilder has earned a massive and shredded physique, doesn’t mean that they are actually eating healthy. There’s a difference between eating to match your bodybuilding goals and eating to earn more long term healthy living. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Arash Rahbar details the hidden dangers of certain ingredients found in common foods.

While a bodybuilding diet needs to be strict and exact – it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s long term healthy. The kinds of food needed to become a mass monster aren’t necessarily in line with being overall healthy. This is something Arash Rhabar knows all too well. He’s dedicated much of his own time to learn about how to eat organic and healthy and avoid processed foods. He’s also spent time posting videos on his social media channels to help educate aspiring bodybuilders as well.

The struggle to eat healthy is not strictly a bodybuilder problem. It’s a human problem. The health conditions caused from eating unhealthy don’t usually become obvious until many years down the road. Due to this, the human race has often been short sighted about eating healthy. It’s not until a heart attack, diabetes, or a later age gut suddenly forms that we start to take things more seriously. By then sometime it’s even too late.

For bodybuilders it can become even more confusing. Seeing a jacked shredded athlete usually makes people think of a person being healthy. But the journey to becoming a bodybuilder with an incredible physique doesn’t always lead to healthy eating. Yes, a bodybuilding diet can be strict – but there are different lanes in that strict diet that make all the difference.

Arash Rahbar doesn’t want to be a bodybuilder who looks like crap in his later life. He actually admits that many bodybuilders he has seen who are retired and “don’t look like they’ve ever worked out before.” Sure, there are plenty of other bodybuilders who maintain a health (admittedly smaller) physique. But far too often bodybuilders are so focused on the end goal of a competition that they don’t think about long term health.

While this is nothing new – Arash warns of processed foods and stresses that athletes should always look at the ingredients. He claims that the ingredients are actually more important than the nutrition facts. Worry less about how many carbs you’re eating and worry more about the types of carbs your eating.

You can watch Arash Rahbar’s full comments, including additional statements about the Mr. Olympia sale and bodybuilding unions, in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.