Arash Rahbar Is Showing Off Championship Form

Arash Rahbar is looking prepped for greatness.

Heading into the 2016 Classic Physique Olympia, no one knew what to expect from the competitors on stage, the judges officiating the competition, or what the ultimate decision would be. With so much high level talent on stage of varying heights, weights and proportions, you could easily say it was anyone’s competition to win. When Danny Hester came out the eventual champion there were supporters and detractors of the decision. But the one thing people could all agree upon was that runner-up Arash Rahbar had some real potential to pull off a major victory in subsequent years.While many focused on how other competitors would fair at the show, it seems that

While many focused on how other competitors would fair at the show, it seems that a great deal of fans seemed to be overlooking Arash Rahbar who had proven himself with a number of pro wins in the Classic Physique category. While last year was a bit of a free for all, there’s no doubt that the 2017 Classic Physique Olympia will be extremely competitive. With new pros like Chris Bumstead acquitting themselves well, the rest of the division has their work cut out for them. But Arash Rahbar has been training hard year round to ensure that whoever steps on stage next him won’t have a chance.

With talent, hard work, and dedication to crafting his physical form, Arash Rahbar looks poised to get a much deserved victory at this year’s show. His recent Instagram posts show him to be in some superb condition heading into the Olympia. Take a look at this motivational post by Arash Rahbar that gives a glimpse into the physique he’s bringing to the Olympia stage.

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