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Oh no he didn’t…

If you’re an MMA junkie like me you watch everything that’s out as soon as it’s out. As usual, I was very excited for “The MMA Beat” show because even though I don’t always care for Ariel Helwani, the man has up to the date news and and his co-host (Luke Thomas, Jeff Wagenheim,  and Chuck Mindenhall) seem to even him out. Until however he started talking about small publications…

“Stop giving attention to those stupid articles because it’s troll nonsense…it’s uneducated, there’s no facts, behind it, they don’t know what they’re talking about. We give it credibility by even addressing it… ”  -Ariel Helwani

Woah, woah, woah –  just because we don’t have backstage passes like you guys doesn’t mean we’re not educated, and just because our  opinion doesn’t match yours doesn’t mean we’re not students of the game. Who died and made you MMA God? We can watch fights, read figures, and see things that even the great Ariel Helwani himself can’t see. I’ve seen more insightful, out of the box, and “why didn’t I think of that” ideas from fan tweets than I’ve seen on “legitimate sites.” let’s face it, all you guys do is regurgitate the news, and talking about stale matchups anyone can see from a mile away. Maybe it’s because you guys are so big and bloated that you can’t see past your double chins but the real work is being done in the trenches. Small sites aren’t associated with any big names so we don’t have to censor ourselves. Meaning we can openly talk about Dana White’s blatant in your face FAVORITISM toward Ronda Rousey and many other rising stars. We can also rip into UFC for turning the sport into boxing, taking the heart out of it and making it all about the dollar, dollar bills without tiptoeing around the point. Just because you’re Walmart doesn’t mean you’ve got better quality than the Mom and Pop shops. Honestly Ariel I’ve seen your interviews and you’re a bit condescending and arrogant to all your guest and I’m surprised  they don’t call you out on it. You get up to the minute information and your guest are the biggest names in the sport, I’ll give you that, but at the end of the day you’re just a person like the rest of us and all you can lend is your opinion. Check out Ariel’s comments below. What do you think about Ariel Helwani’s comments? Is he getting a bit full of himself or are his comments warranted? Hit us up below with your comments.


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