Bodybuilding Motivation: Sometimes we all need a little extra push to get to the gym in the mornings.

Take a look at this bodybuilding motivation video from Raiden Motivation if you’re having trouble getting back in the gym for arm day. If you push yourself hard you’ll make hard gains, but there’s an obvious drawback to living that way — you also get incredibly tired and sore. We all know the intense rush of giving it your all in the gym, but that feel is short compared to the many hours you can spend feeling tired and sore afterwards. If you overexert yourself, you can even feel that way for days on end. That’s why psychological control is so important. It helps you remember why you do the things you do. By remaining focused on your goals, your rational mind is able to stay on top of the animal mind that’s crying out for you to stop.

Strength Wars Movie

This is an important skill for the gym and for life. Everyone has to do things they don’t want to do and put hard work in to get where they want to go. If you cultivate that skill in the gym, it can help you accomplish other goals, too. Self-discipline is the most critical skill to have as an athlete. Every time you start to forget that, look at these ripped physiques and realize that these men did what you can do, too: cared enough about themselves and their dreams to push forward. This bodybuilding motivation video will help give you the kick start you need. Now get in the gym and get pumping.

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