Generation Iron Arnold Classic 2006

The final pose down.

There’s no doubting that bodybuilding has seen years of success through the production of superior athletes. The whole endeavor of bodybuilding as a sport is based on the dedication and performance of the competitors involved. Many of these athletes, through sheer grit, determination, and the dedication are able to transform their bodies in a way that most humans can’t. Whether they look like a mass monster of today or a have a more classical physique more common in the 70’s and 80’s Golden Era, these competitors have shown superior genetics and a work ethic few athletes could match.

The Olympia competition is no doubt the peak of bodybuilding events held during the year, but the Arnold Classic is undoubtedly the second biggest event. For starters, the show has produced champions that would go on to win the Mr. Olympia event itself. There are also multiple different Arnold Classic shows throughout the year taking place in Europe, Brazil, Australia, and the United States.


The event has featured some truly compelling match ups and moments that are memorable for it’s sheer shock and surprise. It’s at the Arnold Classic that Kai Greene was able to upset Phil Heath. It’s where we saw Dexter Jackson win a record five times against some of the toughest competition of his career. In 2006 the competition never looked better as the competitors took to the stage for the final pose down. It featured talents like a young Branch Warren, Dexter Jackson, Victor Martinez, and Gustavo Badell. It was a truly epic final pose down that deserves respect and admiration among all the other historic moments that occurred at the Arnold Classic. Take a look.

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