Generation Iron Arnold Classic Results

Who is the ultimate Arnold channel?

The final night. The biggest division. The clash of champions. All of this and more just went down as the IFBB pro competitions come to a close. But who ended up getting the top spot? We have the official results right here. So sit back and  get ready to see who is the new Arnold Classic champion right now!

Arnold Classic Final Results

1. Dexter Jackson
2. Branch Warren
3. Justin Compton
4. Cedric McMillan
5. Evan Centipani
6. Roelly Winklaar

That’s right. We now have a world record holder for most Arnold Classics won of all time. Congrats to everyone who competed and make sure to stick around the Generation Iron Fitness Network as we will be continuing to put up on the scenes content right from the Arnold Sports Festival. Stay pumped.

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