Cedric McMillan is fueled by the fans.

Cedric McMillan might just be the most interesting bodybuilder competing in the Arnold Classic proper this year. After a tough battle for first all throught out 2015… the first place spot has eluded himĀ (save for the Golden State Pro). But then an amazing thing happened. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the greatest bodybuilder that has ever lived, claimed he believed Cedric deserved a first place spot in the Arnold Classic 2015.

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Now all eyes are on Cedric McMillan as he returns once again to the Arnold Classic stage – and the question now stands: will the judges take Arnold’s thoughts into consideration? Or continue to favor the biggest mass monsters above Cedric? Whatever the case – Cedric is not worried. As far as he is concerned, he is a champion. The People’s Champion.

Never disregarding a fan. Never worrying about the competition. Cedric McMillan will continue to master bodybuilding for himself. And as long as people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and the bodybuilding fans sing his praise… then he’s doing the right thing. Check out Cedric’s complete interview above.

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