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The top contenders face off.

After a trip delving into the 212 division, we return to the open weight class to discuss perhaps the most important potential match up of the entire show. As we me farther into the future of the sport, the chances of some of your favorite competitors securing big wins is becoming less and less likely. Aging is a natural progression for all humans and the man that is greatest bodybuilder today will not be the greatest tomorrow.

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Kai Greene is the consensus number two bodybuilder in the world despite not competing last year. Justin Compton is hungry up and comer looking to annihilate the competition. This highlights the battle between youth versus experience. Though Kai Greene may be one of the best bodybuilders of this generation, there’s only so long an athlete can remain at the top of their sport and the 2016 Arnold Classic could potentially highlight that shift from the past to the future.

Generation Iron Arnold Classic 2016 Kai Greene Vs Justin Compton

Justin Compton

Justin Compton is a big man. When he hits the stage he’s likely going to be the biggest bodybuilder with the most muscle mass. Compton’s arms in particular is a strong attribute and though he may have tremendous size he still manages to maintain a tapered waist. His shoulders and chest in particular are impressive in both the size, shape, and definition. Compton used his time away from the sport to really work on his physique and bring his best to the stage. The main question is, has he put on too much weight in his time away from competition? Only time can provide the answer to that very question.

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Kai Greene

The man known as “The Predator” is looking to make a big comeback at this year’s event. Kai Greene’s best physical trait no doubt has to be his back and legs. They massively muscled, well proportioned, and have perfect symmetry. But Kai’s physical gifts may not be his greatest weapon. Greene is massive in his own right yet possesses a major advantage over Compton as well as the other competitors at the event. Kai superior posing prowess could be a major deciding factor in the competition. Kai is known for having elaborate and well choreographed posing routines and with judging favoring presentation at this show, it seems like things are leaning in Greene’s favor.

Generation Iron Arnold Classic 2016 Kai vs Justin Backs

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