UPDATE: Arnold Classic 2018 Announces Classic Physique Division Invite List

Classic Physique is coming to the Arnold Classic 2018.

There have been a great deal of bodybuilding fans who have been wondering why the Classic Physique division has yet to make an appearance at the Arnold Sports Festival. Despite the fact that the division has existed for well over a year, the 2017 Arnold Classic events didn’t feature the popular new category.

That is, until now.

Another competitor list has been released for the Classic Physique division on the official Arnold Sports Festival website. Take a look at the competitors that have been invited to the 2018 Arnold Classic.

Arnold Classic Physique

2018 Competitors

Armando Aman
Breon Ansley
Santiago Aragon
Isaac Balbi
Lee Banks
RD Caldwell
Ko Chandetka
Garrott Coelho
Eric Dankwa
Tony Davis
Roger Ferrer
Kevin Ford
Aaron Futel
Dion Harris
Valentino Harris
Shavis Higa
Andrew Landis

Jason Lowe
Nhon Ly
Svetozar Milehkovic
Christopher Niemczyk
Courage Opara
Kenneth Owens
Matt Pattison
Geobanny Paula
Panexce Pierre
Arash Rahbar
Sharif Reid
AJ Shukoori
Silvio Toranzo
Kevin Wilson
Dani Younan

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