Arnold Classic 2020 Pro Wheelchair Results

The Arnold Classic 200 Pro Wheelchair winner is…

The Pro Wheelchair division has been an amazing success story over the years. A division that has been on display and broadcast for five years. The Arnold Classic 2020 Pro Wheelchair competition now officially competes on the main stage – showcasing an increased interest and exposure or a division filled with passionate competitors. Saturday afternoon held the prejudging and finals for the Pro Wheelchair division and the results have finally been announced. You can check them out below – brought to you by New Millen and Generation Iron Plus!

Yet again Harold Kelley wins first place for his fifth time in a row at the Arnold Classic 2020 Pro Wheelchair!

Arnold Classic 2020 Pro Wheelchair Results

1. Harold Kelley
2. Antoni Khadraoui
3. Bradley Betts
4. Johnny Quinn

Arnold Classic 2020 Pro Wheelchair WinnerOfficial scorecard below:

Arnold Classic 2020 Pro Wheelchair scorecardArnold Classic 2020 Pro Wheelchair Previous Winners

  • 2019: Harold Kelley
  • 2018: Harold Kelley
  • 2017: Harold Kelley
  • 2016: Harold Kelley

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