Arnold Classic 2021 Bikini Prejudging Report & Analysis

Arnold Classic 2021 Bikini Pre-Judging

Highlights from the Arnold Classic 2021 Bikini prejudging.

The Arnold Classic 2021 Bikini prejudging has been completed and this gave a clear picture on who will be leading the way going into the finals on Saturday night. Elisa Pecini entered the event as the reigning champion looking to make an impact for a second-straight year.

If prejudging is any indication, the Bikini final is going to be as close as can be. Jennifer Dorie, Ashley Kaltwasser, and Lauralie Chapados joined Pecini in the first callout and were moved around frequently. Kaltwasser and Pecini began in the middle before Dorie was moved to get a better look.

There was a final callout that featured three competitors — Dorie, Pecini, and Chapados. They all got a chance to be featured on centerstage. It began with Pecini followed by Chapados and Dorie. It seems as though there are three athletes that can win this division and they were featured in the final callout.

This division might very well come down to the wire during the finals. Make sure to keep a close eye on comparisons and the rest of the results leading into the night option of the event. Stay tuned to Generation Iron Fitness Network as we continue to provide coverage.

Callout Report

Arnold Classic 2021 Bikini First CalloutFirst Callout

  • Jennifer Dorie
  • Ashley Kaltwasser
  • Lauralie Chapados
  • Elisa Pecini

Arnold Classic 2021 Bikini Second Callout

Second Callout

  • Jourdanne Lee
  • Gabriella Messias
  • Jasmine Gonzalez
  • Priscila Leimbacher
  • Breena Martinez
  • Romina Basualdo

Arnold Classic 2021 Bikini Third Callout

Third Callout (Top 3)

  • Jennier Dorie
  • Lauralie Chapados
  • Elisa Pecini

Check out some stills from the comparison rounds below:

Generation Iron Fitness Network will be coverage the full Arnold Classic 2021 event including pre-judging reports, analysis, and results updates. Stay tuned to Generation Iron and visit our official Arnold Classic 2021 coverage hub right here!

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