Arnold Classic Australia 2018 Results

Who is the champion down under?

The Arnold Classic Australia 2018 competition contained almost the same line up as the Arnold Classic Ohio – that’s good news for the fans and even better news for the athletes who didn’t land a first place victory. We also got to see the second return of Kevin Levrone to the stage – perhaps for the last time ever. So who landed the top spots? The results are in and can be viewed below:

Arnold Classic Australia 2018 Men’s Bodybuilding Results

1. Roelly Winklaar
2. William Bonac
3. Dexter Jackson
4. Lukas Osladil
5. Hidetada Yamagishi
6. Luke Sandoe

Arnold Classic Australia 2018 Fitness Results

1. Kate Errington
2. Bethany Wagner
3. Regaine Da Silva
4. Missy Farell
5. Stacy Dawn
6. Kristine Duba

Arnold Classic Australia 2018 Figure Results

1. Candice Lewis-Carter
2. Cydney Gillin
3. Michele Pinto
4. Carly Starling-Horrell
5. Ivana Vusic
6. Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz

Arnold Classic Australia 2018 Bikini Results

1. Angelica Teixeira
2. Janet Layug
3. Romina Basualdo
4. Margret Gnarr
5. Sheena Jayne Martin
6. Katya Nisova

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