Getting extra swole.

With the Arnold Classic Australia right around the corner the competitors have fine tuned their diets and training routines in order to bring the best package onto the stage this weekend. While few have had the opportunity to improve upon their physique since the Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio, there is one competitor who is looking bigger and badder than ever. Guy Cisternino.

While he may be a 212 competitor in truth, Guy Cisternino being invited to compete in the open weight division speaks volumes as to the kind of musculature this man possesses. He may be shorter and stockier than the competition in the open weight class, but that doesn’t mean ‘Quadro’ is by any means a smaller competitor. You could even say that cutting down to the 212 division has taken away from his ability to show off his massive gains.

Guy Cisternino is an absolute beast and has always trained hard in preparation for every showing. With this opportunity to contend against larger competition, Guy is pushing himself to the limits of his abilities. He’ll get the opportunity to do something that not many bodybuilders get to experience. Competing in more than one division isn’t very common in bodybuilding, and if he makes an impression we could see more of Cisternino in the open weight division. For now, all he can do is train hard in the gym and prepare himself for glory at the Arnold Classic Australia. The post below shows just how serious Guy Cisternino is about his training for the event.

What do you think of Guy Cisternino’s chances at the Arnold Classic Australia?

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