Arnold Classic Europe 2017 Results

The results are in for the Arnold Classic Europe 2017!

And just like that we are already onto the European tour – where all of the biggest bodybuilding competitors (besides Phil Heath) travel to massive IFBB pro shows. This weekend had the Arnold Classic Europe 2017 – with William Bonac and Big Ramy ready to clash for the first place void left in Phil Heath’s absence. The results are in – check out the official results below!

Open Bodybuilding Arnold Classic Europe 2017 Results

Big Ramy Arnold Classic Europe 2017 Winner Generation Iron

1. Big Ramy
2. William Bonac
3. Shawn Rhoden
4. Roelly Winklaar
5. Nathan De Asha
6. Maxx Charles

Men’s Physique Arnold Classic Europe 2017 Results

Arnold Classic Europe 2017 Men's Physique Winner Generation Iron

1. Ondrej Kmostak
2. Robin Balough
3. Kim Angel
4. Alexandros Staboulis
5.  Andrea Mosti
6. Adriano Moreno



  1. Folks know exactly why Phil is champ in spite of Ramy’s size… but they won’t admit it out of share dislike for him. Phil’s confidence & outspoken nature rubs a lot of those people the wrong way and so they pick on him.
    Only thing Ramy has on Phil is share size… and that isn’t enough to win a bodybuilding contest.

  2. As far as the pic comparing Phil to Ramy it’s a bad comparison and one that shouldn’t be made to make such grand statements. What isn’t realized in the photo is that ramy has yet to tighten up the pose where as Phil is already flexing and completing the pose


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