Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals How Using “Antagonist Supersets” Can Help Build Muscle In Short Amount Of Time

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Arnold Schwarzenegger shares how the time of a workout does not impact muscle growth directly.

If there is anyone to listen to about how to grow muscle in the gym, it is legendary bodybuilder Arnold SchwarzeneggerOne of the best to ever do it, Arnold continues to connect with fans using his newsletter, Arnold’s Pump ClubRecently, he shared research that proves shorter worouts might be as effective as longer ones.

“Just because your workouts are shorter doesn’t mean you can’t build as much muscle or strength as someone with more time to train.”

Schwarzenegger used a study from ResearchGate in his latest passage. It proved that super-setting exercises can lead to muscle growth and has weightlifters spending “36% less time in the gym.”

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This is accomplished using antagonists supersets. This method has gym goers training opposing muscles back-to-back with no rest between exercises followed by a longer break between sets.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks Supersets

The study followed two groups that trained in different ways. The first group performed straight sets with two minutes of rest after each while the other did one exercise with a 20-second break followed by working the opposite muscle. Each group trained twice a week for eight weeks.

In the end, the muscle growth was similar for each group but one spent far less time in the gym.

“At the end of the study, both groups built a similar amount of muscle, strength, and muscular endurance — even though the superset group trained for 44 minutes per day, while the straight-set group was in the gym for 70 minutes.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to say that antagonist supersets will be more effective than super setting other exercises together. This will lead to more fatigue during workouts but a shorter time in the gym.

“It’s important to highlight that the method of supersetting matters. Pairing other exercises together is unlikely to be as effective as antagonist muscles. And if you’re going to superset, be aware that your workouts will feel more challenging and fatiguing because of the shorter rest times.”

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