Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Vaccination Video, Encourages Fans To Get Vaccinated

Nothing terminates the Terminator — not even COVID-19.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the first in line yesterday morning to get the COVID-19 vaccine at one of Los Angeles’s drive-through vaccination stops. Schwarzenegger said “he had never been happier to wait in a line” and encouraged all of his fans and supporters to do their research to see if they were currently eligible to get the vaccine.

Although it’s recommended that everyone get it, currently cities are each doing their own needs-based rollout with different tiers for different risk levels. If you are a frontline health care worker, other essential worker, teacher, over 65, or suffer from conditions that have been shown to have COVID-19 complications such a diabetes or heart disease, you might be eligible to receive the vaccine already in your city. You can check out Arnold’s heartwarming video of his own experience in the post below.


Getting vaccinated is probably on the horizon for most Americans over the next few months although the CDC estimates that a full rollout of the vaccine may not be completed until as late as June or July.

Distribution has proven difficult in some major cities where demand is high and stories have emerged in places of vaccines being thrown away because no one who was eligible came to get their shot. To combat this, distribution rules have been loosened, and the age cap was lowered from 75 to 65 in places like New York and Los Angeles.

“What about, ‘I’ll be back’ — for dose number 2,” one fan joked on Arnold’s post. If you’re able to do so, be like Arnold and get in line to get your shot today!

*All images and media courtesy of Instagram.

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