Well it’s official, Arnold Schwarzenegger wants drug testing in bodybuilding.

UPDATE: Generation Iron’s very own Nick Trigili has chimed in with his thoughts and opinions on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s statements – and whether it will help or hurt the sport.

The all-time great recently sat down for an exclusive interview in South Africa where he mentioned drug testing and body building and the fact that use of performance enhancing drugs is getting out of control. Arnold Schwarzenegger went on to discuss his feelings about drug use in bodybuilding, painting a very clear picture.

“There’s a lot of people that have the feeling that if they take drugs, then that will enhance their performance. But what happens is that if you think that you take two pills that it will help you and then there are guys that will say OK, if I take ten it’s five times as good, and then they go and overdose.” 

Wild drug use and bodybuilding is it something that’s out of the ordinary, Arnold is concerned that things have taken a dark turn and could potentially and up ruining bodybuilding. Now Arnold appears to be focused on a new mission and that’s to get drug testing in bodybuilding to become a more regular occurrence.

“It’s called bodybuilding, not body destroying. We don’t want to destroy the body, we want to build the body and we want to build health and we want to build fitness, and we want to build longevity.”

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