Artemus Dolgin Shows Off Crazy 15 Year Back Transformation

Artemus Dolgin has put in an insane amount of work over the past 15 years.

One of the more intriguing figures in bodybuilding, Artemus Dolgin has always always stood out for a number of reasons. For one, he has a personality that is unique, telling his opinion through his own particular lens. Of course, Artemus Dolgin has also become known for having one of the most unique physiques out there.

While someone could simply chalk it up to simply having great genetics, Artemus Dolgin has obviously put in the kind of intensive training to ensure that he would have a well muscled frame. As such, Artemus has made a recent post on Instagram showcasing his back development from 18 to 33 years old. It just goes to show how important hard work and dedication is in order to get the absolute best results.

We all start somewhere. What matters is how you finish. That’s me at 33 vs 18 yo. My calves still the same tho haha I wanted to share with you some of my observations from the past weekend. I seen many many fans, not just my fans, in general Bodybuilding and Fitness fans. I also got a chance to see how the fans work out. It’s not about negativity here, it’s my advice to you, that will explain the whole idea of being really really good at fitness and being in shape and muscular and being ripped and bluh bluh bluh, all you want basically! I see that many have no idea what working out is all about. Like none. They literarily just jerk off…(not themselves the machines) there is absolutely 0 understanding what they doing and why they doing it. You see a lot less people in shape in the gym than in shape. They may wear the latest cookie cutter brand tshirt and the latest supplement and do all the fancy exercises and still be ridiculously out of shape. Forums are stacked with the experts tho haha those fuckers are nasty haters too..anyways what truly sets you a part is one simple thing, PASSION. You gotta love and enjoy the process with all the set backs and plateaus and long long years of continuous effort in every damn set. I rarely see really really passionate guys in the gym, you usually can spot them very easy. They have an aura about them that shines and motivates. Now imagine everyone in the gym like that, the place is on fire. Thats how old Golds was btw, buzzing n shnazzing (is there a word like that?)That’s the energy i feel when we work out with our team. People who been to our camps know and seen and felt it. They seen the difference between the trend and real Passion. It took me years to figure out things on training and dieting but my passion was always there and I progressed even when I didn’t grow. With the current technology, You have all the tools and access to knowledge! Put everything on the line in every set, every work out, every day for many many years, to the rest of your life! It’s all or nothing attitude will set you apart from the crowd and make you that hardest working Mofo at the gym… results will be far greater than you think!

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