Ashley Kaltwasser Has Eye Surgery, Shares Disturbing Photo

Former Ms. Bikini Olympia champion Ashley Kaltwasser recently underwent eye surgery.

After dominating the bikini category with three straight wins, Ashley Kaltwasser has cemented herself as one of the most respected and well known competitors in the history of the division.

Recently it appears that Ashley Kaltwasser had a bit of vision issues that needed some tending to. After suffering from double vision for almost a year, the former bikini Olympia champion opted to finally fix the problem and undergo corrective surgery.

Take a look at the Instagram post below showcasing both Ashley Kaltwasser post surgery and the current state of her eyes.


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Probably the most unflattering photo of me that I’ll ever post to the gram LOL . Strabismus surgery complete ✅ *FYI- strabismus surgery is to align the eyes to see straight (it’s not LASIK surgery). They perform this surgery by by cutting and tightening the small muscles of the eye using dissolvable threads* This is a procedure done under general anesthesia. Thankfully, it has a high success rate which is promising. Although it currently feels like glass shards are in my eyes, I can already see more singular??Since May 2019, I’ve had 24/7 double vision that continued to get worse. It was quite a miserable experience as my overall vision, depth perception and physical visual awareness continued to decline. Although this surgery fell right in the middle on contest prep, IT HAD TO BE DONE! . So now it’s time to rest, relax…. sleep as much as possible ? If you know me, I HATE sitting still. So this will be a challenge for sure! I know you are wondering, “Ashley, what caused this?” Well, the cause is somewhat unknown…& I should mention before I go any further, there is no such thing as adult onset lazy eye (so you guys are safe ??). In my particular case, it is likely that I’ve always had a SLIGHT misalignment, almost unnoticeable. And then an event such as a sinus infection could have further weakened the eye muscle and basically it kinda gave out (sort of a freak accident kinda situation). As the right eye got stranger, the left got weaker, which makes it impossible for my eyes to work together in harmony, thus causing the double vision (although, I got surgery on BOTH eyes to get the vision more precise). Another theory relates to a certain retinol-based cream acne medication that was prescribed by my Dermatologist. This cream has rare but documented cases of double vision as a reaction/side effect. But yeah, I just wanted to give you all an update. I am just blown away from all the support and well wishes. It actually makes me so happy that my little red eyes tear up (which I shouldn’t do right now because my tears actually burn lol). Again guys, thanks for the continued support and care ? I am so appreciative???

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