Bodybuilder Turns Into Zombie Cannibal After Taking Drugs

A truly chilling story.

The internet is a major source for almost anything a human can find some interest in. For many of us interesting in fitness and bodybuilding the internet can be a great source of finding information to make a change in ourselves. Realizing this very fact, there have been many different internet personalities who have ventured onto the interwebs making videos hoping to educate and inspire others in the process. These same internet personalities have inspired many to do the same in hopes of gaining a following and imparting knowledge. While mostly useful or harmless, there are times when those inspired by fitness YouTube channels can present an instability that offers a window into their dark psyche. Enter Austin Harrouff.

A 19 year old inspired by bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger was just your average teen interested in trying to influence the masses like one of the many other fitness YouTubers out there. Austin’s journey would take a dark turn though as he just months ago he went off the deep end and brutally attacked two unsuspecting citizens, John Stevens III and his wife Michelle Mishcon, murdering both. At the time of the attacks, Austin was hopped up on the drug Alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone, street name Flakka, which sent him into a wild fit, killing the innocent couple and even biting a piece of Stevens’ face off.

But there seemed to be clear signs that something was going on with Austin before the attacks took place. Just take a look at the video below that shows Austin Harrouff looking a bit off just days before the attacks.

Just another unfortunate event where some outlets seem to be using bodybuilding as a scapegoat. This was a truly horrible tragedy once again caused by drugs completely unrelated to bodybuilding, though some sources will have you believe that Austin Harrouff’s experience with steroids worked as some kind of gateway drug to taking Flakka. But we all know better don’t we.

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