Generation Iron 7 Ben Pakulski 7 Bes Leg Exercises

B-Pak’s Leg Day.

Creating the total package is the absolute goal of any high level bodybuilder. It’s all about sculpting a perfect form from head to toe. To focus on one major muscle group while at the same time neglecting another is a dire mistake that many new bodybuilders make when they first begin their journey of getting shredded. It’s a common mistake for sure, but one that could end up taking away from their overall physique.

For some, they obsess on their arms, others it’s their chest, and still others focus all of their attention on their lats. But one muscle group that should never be neglected is undoubtedly the legs, including the quads, hamstrings and calves. When it comes to training legs correctly there’s no better advice than that of a professional. When that professional is a man by the name Ben Pakulski then your best bet is to sit back, relax and take the info that he drops to heart.

Pakulski is not only a highly regarded bodybuilder, but a man who is most likely destined to become a top trainer once he retires from active competition. Legs are some of Pakulski’s strong points and he has some specific exercises that he can ensure some serious wheel development. Recently B-Pak sat down with Muscular Development and talked in detail about the leg exercises he personally uses to get massive. We broke it down to the core elements. Check it out.

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Leg Curls

Generation Iron Lying Leg Curls

Pakulski warms up with leg curls as according to the bodybuilder, “I find that they warm up the knees better, without putting any strain on those tendons, plus it’s better to have a pump going in the hams before you start any type of heavy pressing or squatting movement.”

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