Best Krill Oil For Overall Omega-3 Health And Wellness 2020

This omega-3 supplement gives fish oil a run for its money.

Omega-3 fatty acids are incredibly important for our overall health and while they may already be in the foods you eat, taking a supplement can be a great way to ensure these vital nutrients make it into your body. Krill oil has made noise in recent years for its ability to rival fish oil as a powerful omega-3 supplement. Extracted from Antarctic krill, this krill oil supplement is pure and waiting to give you its benefits of omega 3 fatty acids from fatty fish that can improve your immune response after workouts more than fish oil.

When choosing the right omega 3s supplement for you, it comes down to three things: benefits, effectiveness, and price. What you will find with krill oil is that the benefits are very similar to fish oil, yet krill oil is arguably more effective. While krill oil can be slightly more expensive, that is due to the harvesting and processing rates of these now much sought after supplements rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Krill oil also helps maintain a balanced nutrition and diet for performance training more than fish oil.

For the purposes of an omega-3 supplement, there are three kinds of omega-3 fatty acids to be aware of. The two found in krill oil supplements are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), both found in certain types of fish. Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is found in plant sources like nuts and seeds. But krill oil contains omega 3s and the benefits will make you want to consider taking krill oil over fish oil for your diet.

Krill Oil Benefits

Krill oil supplements wear many hats when it comes to your overall health and serve as a powerful omega 3s supplement to work as your friend, similar to fish oil but with more benefits. It can enhance bioavailability because it attaches to phospholipids, making it easier for your body to absorb the omega-3 fatty acids and promote better digestion. For a solid and stable heart, krill oil can lower your levels of bad cholesterol, as well as triglyceride levels, all while increasing your levels of good cholesterol, known as high-density lipoprotein (HDL) (1) to aid in heart health and other effects of krill oil.

One of the better benefits of krill oil deals with its red color. This comes from an antioxidant call astaxanthin which has the ability to support your immune system and work to reduce inflammation (2). Not only will this improve your workouts, but krill oil will boost your recovery time to keep those gains flowing and your athletic performance in peak shape. With many other benefits like aiding in skin health, detoxifying the body, promoting brain and heart health, and managing weight control, krill oil is a top-tier supplement for all of your omega-3 fatty acid needs.

Top 7 Krill Oil Supplements

We’ve listed the top 7 krill oil supplements on the market to help make your buying experience easier and more convenient. While each has great benefits, it is important to find the right krill oils rich in omega 3s for you to keep you as healthy as possible.

Best Overall: Transparent Labs CoreSeries Krill Oil

krill oil

This krill oil supplement is great for anyone looking for a superior source of nutrition with no harmful fillers or additives from krill oils with unwanted side effects. Transparent Labs prides themselves on transparency and honest labels with every batch being third party tested. With a good amount of omega 3 fatty acids consisting of 120mg of EPA, 55mg of DHA, and 80mcg of astaxanthin, these easy to digest capsules are great for brain, heart, and joint health, with tons of astaxanthin as well making this a solid krill oil.

Pros: This krill oil supplement has great ingredients and an honest label. The value is great, for while you may find cheaper options, the third party tested and well-researched formula guarantee is worth the extra money for this safe oil.

Cons: Compared to others, it could have a higher dose of EPA and DHA, as well as astaxanthin in these krill oil capsules for consumers.

Price: $29.00/60 softgels per bottle (30 servings)

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Best For Pain: ONNIT Krill Oil

krill oil

ONNIT brings this krill oil into the mix as a great supplement to support healthy joints and alleviate pain. Packed with 130mg of EPA, 60mg of DHA, and 200mcg of astaxanthin, this krill oil also supports brain and heart health, as well as blood pressure. As a great boost for energy and cognitive health (3), ONNIT supports your overall performance both inside and out of the gym and is one of the top tier krill oils.

Pros: This krill oil supplement is great for joint pain and that is from the large amount of astaxanthin it contains. ONNIT brings a great krill product to boost energy and cognitive health as well.

Cons: The amount of omega 3 fatty acids in DHA and EPA could be a little higher given the amount of astaxanthin in these krill oil capsules for consumers.

Price: $25.46/60 softgels (30 servings)

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Best Ingredients: Staunch Krill Oil Omega-3 Softgels

Staunch Krill Oil

Staunch Krill Oil comes from a great line of supplements from professional bodybuilder Calum Von Moger. As a line of products devoted to bodybuilders and lifters looking to improve their overall performance, this krill oil brings 1,000mg per serving with 120mg of EPA and 80mg of DHA. All of the products are third party tested and professionally researched to ensure accuracy and quality with no side effects.

Pros: This is a great krill oil supplement from Staunch for bodybuilders and lifters looking to get their omega-3 fix and improve their overall health. Being third party tested and professionally researched only adds to its validity.

Cons: It is a little low in EPA and DHA compared to other oils on the market, so for those looking for higher doses, they may be found in other capsules.

Price: $20.00/60 softgels per bottle (30 servings)

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Best For Cardiovascular Support: NOW Neptune Krill Oil Softgels

krill oil

NOW Neptune brings you this krill oil which is great for cardiovascular support and joint support. As a way to help keep blood lipid levels within a normal, healthy range, this krill oil is great for your cardiovascular needs. Rich with 135mg of EPA and 60mg of DHA, along with 360 mcg of astaxanthin, this krill oil has exceptional bioavailability (4) and is tested for stability, potency.

Pros: NOW is great krill oil supplement for cardiovascular support, as well as aiding in pain relief. The capsules maintain their integrity and work to your benefit for a long time.

Cons: It is a little on the expensive side, but for the benefits, that is a trade-off to consider. It is not as full in immune health as other krill oil for people.

Price: $29.53/120 softgels per 60 servings

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Best For Brain Health: Viva Naturals Premium Antarctic Krill

krill oil

This krill oil from Viva Naturals has a high concentration of omega-3’s with 165 mg of EPA and 90mg of DHA, along with 1.6mg of astaxanthin. While it is great for joint health and the protection of your body from free radical damage, it seeks to maintain a healthy brain and improve your working memory. Viva Naturals seeks to produce a well-researched krill oil to aid in your overall health.

Pros: This is a great krill oil supplement to aid with cognitive function and working memory and a large amount of astaxanthin makes it a reliable immune booster. The pills are easy-to-swallow and this krill product is well-researched.

Cons: The capsules tend to be rather brittle and lead to leakage and they do have a strong taste.

Price: $25.15/60 capsules per 30 servings

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Best Advanced Formula: Sports Research Antarctic Krill

krill oil

Sports Research brings you this advanced krill oil to really increase the omega-3’s in your body. With sustainably sourced krill and easy-to-swallow capsules, this supplement is great for those looking to really boost the effects of krill oil. With 136mg of EPA and 60mg of DHA, it also has 500mcg of astaxanthin to support immunity and even skin health (5). With this krill oil, Sports Research offers a great, easy to digest product.

Pros: This is a great krill oil supplement from Sports Research with an advanced formula to give you all those vital omega-3’s. It helps with cholesterol maintenance and joint support and the capsules are easy to digest. Although the price seems high, it is actually relatively the same as others since you take only one capsule per servings as opposed to two.

Cons: Product quality control for this oil tends to lack slightly, which is disappointing for the price, and it does tend to cause some acid reflux in some people.

Price: $29.95/60 softgels per 60 servings

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Best Concentrated Formula: Kiva Antarctic Purity Astaxanthin Softgels

krill oil

Kiva’s krill oil offers a great concentrated formula to reduce the pill size by half so you don’t deal with a larger pill. This supplement is third party tested for contaminants and Kiva works to ensure that the highest quality krill oil hits the market. Containing 160mg of EPA and 72mg of DHA, along with 120mcg of astaxanthin, this concentrated krill oil will give you all the effects of a powerful immune booster and joint builder while not sacrificing anything for size.

Pros: With no after taste, easy-to-swallow capsules, and great effects for cholesterol control, this krill oil supplement from Kiva competes with the others in quality and at an affordable price to rival most oil on the market.

Cons: It does tend to have a strong smell and the bottle can be misleading with the amount of krill oil and omega 3s per number of servings.

Price: $18.10/60 softgels per 30 servings

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Wrap It Up

Omega-3 supplements, like krill oil, are incredibly important to consider when thinking of your overall health and wellness. Its powerful properties to aid in immunity, joint health, cognitive and cardiovascular functions, and provide powerful nutrients make these supplements sought after. While fish oil is a popular choice, krill oil is definitely something to consider for the omega 3s and its effects. While science continues to do more and more research into just how great krill oil is, it is arguably more effective than fish oil while providing the same benefits and more.

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