Has social media and blog culture divided bodybuilding more than ever with negativity?

If you turn on the news any day of the week, odds are you’ll hear constant discussions about the state of the United States. Are we more divided as a nation than ever before? And is the internet to blame? Even in bodybuilding, social media influencers and blog culture have largely taken over reporting on bodybuilding news. But are those reports more biased than ever before? And do those biases lean towards negative reporting? In our recent GI Exclusive interview with Big Boy of Strength Cartel, we discuss the current state of bodybuilding reporting and clickbait culture.

Big Boy is no stranger to getting caught up with beefs. He’s previously gotten into public arguments with Bradley Castleberry as well as a major public falling out with Rich Piana before his death. That’s because Big Boy likes to “keep it real” and cut through all the bullshit on the internet. So what does he think of the rising trend of bodybuilding fans getting their news updates from bloggers and influencers – many of which quickly spread negative news stories and rumors hoping to get more clicks?

For Big Boy, it’s a double edged sword. Strength Cartel found success through social media and he understands how it can be a powerful tool to monetize a brand or business. But with great power comes great responsibility. The negative clickbait stories that go viral surely do attract attention – audiences love controversy after all – but these stories mostly only work in the short term. Real success and real monetized revenue comes from passion and honesty – mixed with having something new to share or sell that attracts audiences in the long term.

Are things getting worse? It’s hard to say and Big Boy doesn’t have a clear answer. But he’s grateful for finding success through the new opportunities the internet and social media have provided. Check out the full GI Exclusive interview clip above!

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