Big Boy explains how social media helped him spread positive change after his time in prison.

Big Boy and Strength Cartel are an incredible success story – what started out as a group of people who shared a passion for heavy lifting turned into an entire brand that continues to grow every single year. In our latest GI Exclusive interview clip, Big Boy discusses how social media helped him find redemption and success through Strength Cartel after spending time in prison.

Recently, it’s hard to not see the negative side of social media everywhere you look – including in the bodybuilding industry. While being connected so instantly can have many benefits, it seems as if the number one emotion being expressed is anger and hate. But the way Big Boy sees things, social media can be used to spread positivity just as strongly. That’s how it helped change his entire life.

After spending time in prison at a young age, many believe it puts a dark stain on your record. People will stereotype ex-convicts and assume that they have a bad streak in them for the rest of their life. Big Boy was able to overcome this stereotyping by going through some truly positive change for himself and then sharing them with the world via social media.

Positive change takes hard work but the greatest thing about social media is how you can showcase the true results of positive change after that hard work. Even better, that showcase can then influence others to bring positivity in the world as well. People who are going through hard times and think life his hopeless… can see that things can be okay in the end.

Vlad ends the interview off asking Big Boy if he ever imagined he would be where he is today while he was sitting in prison. Big Boy answers honestly – he had no clue. But perhaps if social media was around back then he would have seen a way out sooner and had hope for a better future. Big Boy pulled it off anyway and now hopes to inspire others and spread positive energy among so much hate.

Watch Big Boy explain his redemption after prison in our latest GI Exclusive interview clip above!

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