Big Boy looks back at the events that lead to a dramatic falling out between him and Rich Piana.

Big Boy and The Strength Cartel are still making gains. Both in terms of lifting heavy weight and in terms of their brand growing to new heights. A huge influence on Big Boy that helped inspire him to reach for such heights was Rich Piana – a man who inspired millions of people across the world and spearheaded YouTube fame in bodybuilding. But Big Boy and Rich Piana ended up having a very public falling out due to Big Boy starting his own clothing line. Depending on which side you asked, it was seen as one betraying the other. Things got ugly fast and it made headlines across the web.

A lot has changed since then. Rich Piana sadly passed away in the summer of 2017 much to the shock of the bodybuilding community. And Big Boy continued to find success with Strength Cartel.

In our sit down interview, Vlad Yudin asked Big Boy to reflect back on the controversial falling out with Rich Piana – recollecting what exactly happened. Has the passing of Rich Piana and time changed the perception of the beef for Big Boy? We address the who event and also some rumors that spread in the wake of the controversy to clear things up and put it all in perspective.

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