Big Boy shares his take on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s call for drug testing in pro bodybuilding.

In 2019, Arnold Schwarzenegger shook the bodybuilding world during a press conference by stating he thinks professional bodybuilding should have drug testing. While the professional leagues currently don’t endorse steroids or performance enhancing drugs – they currently do not have a drug testing system in place to guarantee that all athletes are drug free. In our latest GI Exclusive interview clip, Big Boy from Strength Cartel shares his thoughts on Schwarzenegger’s statements and whether or not he thinks drug testing will hurt or help the sport in general.

Big Boy looks at the question of drug testing through two lenses. First, he reacts to Arnold Schwarzenegger himself being the person to call for drug testing. While Big Boy admits that he doesn’t know Schwarzenegger personally, he finds it a bit hypocritical for anyone form that era of bodybuilding (especially someone who achieved so much success in the sport) to ask for drug testing. It’s the unspoken understanding that all of these legends used some sort of PEDs to enhance their physique – so Big Boy believes it’s unfair now for Schwarzenegger to ask for a change.

The other perspective is to look at how it will affect the sport as a whole. Regardless of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s thoughts – if drug testing was to be implemented, Big Boy believes that it will hurt the very X-factor that makes people pay to go to bodybuilding shows. It’s the freaky physiques that drives the fans into excitement. Besides, there are already natural bodybuilding leagues for those who do not wish to need the use of PEDs. So why does it need to be enforced on other leagues?

You can check out Big Boy’s full response to the question in our latest GI Exclusive interview clip above.


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