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Known for his larger-than-life Twitter presence and shredded physique, Big Neechi is reaching social media celebrity status. Big Neechi is the co-founder of party planning company Endless Entertainment and boasts nearly 500,000 followers on his Twitter account.

Big Neechi has established himself as a prominent figure in the world of promotions. Neechi’s masterful usage of social media has given him an avenue to reach hundreds of thousands with the simple click of a button. Originally chasing dreams of making it to the NFL, Neechi discovered his ability to move the masses after suffering a career ending injury. After giving countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears to the gridiron, Neechi stumbled upon promoting while searching for the next chapter of his life after football. Neechi got his start throwing a birthday bash for a friend, and the rest is history. Just a couple years and a few unforgettable parties later, Big Neechi’s name is known all around the nation as the front man for Texas State Trendsetter and Endless Entertainment.

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