Chad Nicholls Believes Big Ramy Will Be Even Bigger At 2022 Olympia

Chad Nicholls does not believe there is a threat to Big Ramy come the Olympia.

Chad Nicholls has been working closely with Big Ramy this offseason. If there is anyone who knows the current status of the two-time Olympia champion, it wold be Nicholls. That is why it is noteworthy when Nicholls says that he believes Big Ramy will show up to the 2022 Olympia in even better shape than he has in the past.

When Nicholls speaks, it carries a lot of weight. He is a sports nutritionist and coach who has worked with the likes of Mike Tyson and Ronnie Coleman. Recently, Nicholls joined The Menace Podcast on Muscle and Fitness’ YouTube page to discuss the current events in bodybuilding — including the 2022 Arnold Classic and Olympia competitions.

The Olympia will return to Las Vegas from Dec. 16-18 after two years in Orlando due to the pandemic. Big Ramy enjoyed the time in Orlando winning back-to-back titles in the Men’s Open division. He will be looking for the three-peat this year and Nicholls believes it is his to lose.

“If something happens and he doesn’t do what he needs to do then he opens the door for everybody to step in a little closer,” Nicholls explained.

“I don’t necessarily think that there’s a guy that’s a threat to Ramy that’s competing right now.”

Big Ramy has already started training for the 2022 competition. He was seen in the gym shortly after winning in September. This gives the bodybuilder a huge head start compared to his preparation from 2021. Big Ramy did not begin training for the Olympia until just a couple months before the show. Now, he will have plenty of time to sculpt and improve certain areas.

Big Ramy was does not share many physique updates on social media but in a recent interview, he admitted that his offseason weight is 341 pounds. This is the plan for Big Ramy this offseason. He will focus on conditioning and show up in December around the 300-pound mark.

“Our game plan is still conditioning but at the same time, you take an entire year of training, which he probably hadn’t had for numerous years, getting a whole year dedicated t bodybuilding and pushing as hard as he can with everything timed perfect,” Chad Nicholls said.

“There’s no doubt that the potential to be three. You know, 300 to 305 pounds, somewhere in that ballpark, in better shape than he’s been in the last two years.”

There was a bit of controversy following Big Ramy’s 2021 victory. There were many that believed Hadi Choopan, who finished third, showed up in the best shape and had the best conditioning. He took home the bronze medal behind Big Ramy and Brandon Curry. The fact that Nicholls is discussing how Big Ramy will be in even better shape is a scary thought to the competition.

We have seen Big Ramy’s offseason figure and he has shared his weight. As of now, it is all according to plan and he is doing what he needs to do. If this continues over the course of 2022, it might be hard to take the Olympia title away this year.

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