Big Ramy has never looked more impressive weeks out.

The 2018 Olympia is still 10 weeks away, but bodybuilders around the globe are already preparing themselves for the biggest show of the year. With Phil Heath looking to secure an eighth straight victory, all of his rivals are working hard in the gym to ensure that doesn’t happen. The front runner for the man who could topple Phil Heath is none other than 2017 Olympia runner-up Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay.

With such a promising showing at the 2017 Olympia, Big Ramy has reaffirmed himself as the top contender to Phil Heath’s thrown. He already has the kind of size that makes him stand out among the pack, but can he bring the right conditioning to the stage come September. From the looks of some recent progress pics, that seems to be exactly the case.

While we may be ten weeks out from the Olympia, Big Ramy is looking extremely impressive. He’s holding less water, looks massive, and has maintained an impressive and shredded physique. Take a look at the progress pics below courtesy of Bader Boodai

Relax mood !! 10 week out

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Do you think Big Ramy can defeat Phil Heath at the 2018 Olympia?

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