Amazonka’s quick transformation from skinny teen into the heaviest female pro bodybuilder in the world.

Bigorexia is now available on all digital platforms. Click here to order your digital copy! In this clip, Nataliya Kuznetsova (better known as Amazonka), details how she discovered bodybuilding and went from a skinny teen into the heaviest female bodybuilder in the world.

In this feature documentary, Bigorexia, we explore various individuals and how their obsession with being massive has changed their lives. Amazonka is one of those featured individuals – who has used her passion for massive size to become a Pro Women’s Bodybuilder. Not only has she become a threatening competitor on stage, she also holds the distinction of being the heaviest female bodybuilder currently competing.

But what’s even more shocking is how fast that transformation took place. She is only 29 years old at the time of this writing. Amazonka was not a heavyset or naturally big framed woman in her younger years. She was extremely skinny comparable to a twig. Most would be shocked at how extreme and fast her physique transformed.

For Amazonka, she doesn’t classify herself with a psychiatric disorder. She doesn’t see an issue with her quest for size at all. Amazonka considers herself a competitive bodybuilder in love with the sport. No different than other Women’s Bodybuilding competitors such as Iris Kyle.

Moreover, she also maintains and is proud of her femininity. There has been often criticism held against Women’s Bodybuilding due to their extremely massive and masculine size. The division as a whole has faded – which many point to lack of interest in those kinds of physiques on women.

While Amazonka refuses to lower her size, she also finds other ways to express her feminine side through makeup and clothing. She believes she can maintain her massive physique and her femininity at the same time.

In Bigorexia, Amazonka is preparing for a pro competition and gives us an inside look into her lifestyle, training, and diet routine. You can check out a small preview of her story in our latest clip from the film above.

Bigorexia is now available on all major digital platforms. Click here or the banner below to get your digital copy today!

Bigorexia movie

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