Breaking down how steroid use makes bigorexia worse, not better, for individuals.

Check out our latest exclusive clip from Bigorexia – now available on all digital platforms. Click here to order your digital copy! In this clip, doctors and experts detail how the use of steroids hurts more than helps the mindset of someone suffering from bigorexia. Instead of making them feel at east, it only raises the bar higher and possibly endangers their health in the process.

The discussion revolving around bodybuilding, sports at large, and steroids has been swirling in the public eye for decades now. People who are pro steroids believe it’s a powerful way to increase human performance and push boundaries to new levels. Detractors believe that, while this is true, it’s at an unhealthy and dangerous cost. Like many conversations around drugs, people are often split about how involved the government should be about personal choices of individuals – even when it includes health.

But for those suffering from muscle dysmorphia, more commonly known as bigorexia, steroids and other PEDs can pose a serious threat to their well being. Since steroids can increase performance and grow muscle faster, it can be seen as “fast forward” button for those unsatisfied with their size. While this is something that many athletes might find interesting, it can be extremely dangerous for those suffering from a psychiatric disorder. Especially one that distorts how they see their own physique.

As it’s explained by the doctors in the above clip, at first a person suffering from bigorexia might see this as a solution to their problem. What ends up happening in reality is much worse. The individual does see results only for them to still feel unsatisfied. Suddenly, the bar is raised and they want to see how much farther they can push to find that happiness. That means increasing doses, taking bigger risks, and suddenly threatening their own health.

Much like any other potentially dangerous drug, once an individual starts going down that path, logic starts going out the window. The person gets so clouded by their own desire that it’s almost like a “frog slowly boiling in water” scenario. The drug use gets more and more frequent and the person doesn’t even realize how far and unhealthy it’s gone. This could lead to long term health risks that aren’t even seen until many years down the road.

It’s no secret that pro athletes have used steroids in the past for any sport. We’ve seen enough scandals in the media of famous athletes failing drugs tests. But add in a psychiatric disorder like bigorexia and you have a cocktail for truly dangerous drug use.

You can watch doctors and health enthusiasts debate this topic in our latest exclusive clip from Bigorexia above.

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