Blackstone Labs CEO PJ Braun is Absolutely JACKED! Shows Off Massive Physique!

PJ Braun is absolutely jacked.

Fitness isn’t a part time job. If you hope to build an impressive physique then it’s absolutely necessary to put in consistent hard work in order to achieve solid gains. It has to be a lifestyle rather than something you take up for a certain period of time. Even a busy man like Blackstone Labs CEO PJ Braun has to put in the consistent hard work to ensure that he’ll make some solid gains.

Despite his considerably busy work schedule, PJ Braun finds the time to put in the hard work at the gym. At a recent bodybuilding show, Braun was able to show off the results of that consistent hard work.

Called up on stage by IFBB Pro Erik Ramirez while guest posing along side fellow pros Akim Williams and Alex Cambronero, PJ Braun showed that he isn’t just sitting behind a desk all day. Check out the clip below as PJ Braun shows off just how jacked he is compared to the pros.

Yes this happened last night … @erikramirez_ifbbpro called me out while he was guest posing with @ifbbproakimwilliams and @fello_cambronero … these guys are the best In the world and I know I can’t hang anymore … however I have been training harder and smarter then ever and I know the @blackstonelabs_official fans follow me close so I did this for them! YES IM BACK… I haven’t come up with where I’m gonna go well this yet, but I’m here to teach and educate you all to be the best you can be! So follow me and I’ll take you where you want to go! It feels good to be back to “talking the talk and walking the walk!” #southernstates #blackstonelabs #loyaltyiseverything #lordbraun #askpjbraun #president #ceo #entrepreneur

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Jacob Ladon
Jacob Ladon is a staff writer and former amateur bodybuilder. He has been passionate about bodybuilding since he was 15 years old and discovered the joys of training in the gym. He reports and comments on all bodybuilding related matters.