Blaine Sumner Shatters Powerlifting Records IPF Worlds, Set to Star in New Generation Iron Film

Blaine Sumner shatters multiple records at a IPF World Open Championships.

In the world of powerlifting only the strong make it to championship heights. On the powerlifting stage it’s not about who can pull off the best pose or present the best package to the judges. In this game it’s all about proving you’re the strongest solely through high level performance.

Blaine Sumner demonstrated that very fact with his record breaking performances at the IPF World Open Championships, in Dubai UAE.

Not only was Blaine Sumner able to break his own bench press record with a combined weight of 1091 Lbs, the powerlfiting champion was also able to shatter another world record for an overall total of 2812 Lbs.


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2019 IPF Open World Championships in Dubai – – World Champion in the Super Heavyweight class – Squat: 1,091 lbs Bench: 938 lbs (World Record) Deadlift: 783 lbs Total: 2,811 lbs (World Record, biggest total in IPF history) – – I don’t even know where to begin the thanks. First off my wife @figurebarbie for supporting me, pushing me, taking care of me, and being there in the gym for me every night. My Mom, Dad, @birdbones23 for always supporting me unconditionally. My brother for being my hero and bringing back the American flag from Afghanistan during one of his Special Forces tours that I proudly bring up to to the podium. Dan Gaudreau for the game day coaching, getting me pointed in the right direction in this sport, keeping me grounded and helping me succeed at every competition since the first time I entered his gym 13 years ago. The two best sponsors imaginable – @promerasports has been keeping me fueled the last 10 years and @titanpower81 providing me equipment for just as long. @uncle_clubber and @tteppo35 for all the bench help since I moved back to Wyoming and @bill.collins.10. @_jreyg_ for being my Powerlifting mom., @tattooedsooner, @tntbtraining for the help the previous few years living in Oklahoma. All of these people are family and I could not do this without them – Too many people to thank but I am also extremely grateful for @usapl_ms for the additional game day coaching and handling. I am not a fun or easy person to be around during competition. All my co-workers for the support and handling things so I can get away for events with minimal stress. And finally everyone that has ever supported me or cheered for me! Thank you all!

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Besides shattering records in powerlifting, Blaine Sumner is set to appear in an upcoming film project by Generation Iron. The future is looking rather intriguing for the record breaking powerlifter as his star continues to rise in the strength sport arena.

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