Blessing Awodibu Looks Huge At 300 Pounds In Recent Physique Update

Blessing Awodibu has made some serious strides preparing for a return to the stage.

Blessing Awodibu has not competed since the 2021 New York Pro. He has taken an extended break from the stage but has put in some serious work during his time off. Awodibu recently shared a physique update where he is looking massive while weighing 300 pounds.

Awodibu took to Instagram to share some early-year poses. In his physique update, Awodibu shows off his massive back and admits that he has some more work to do, especially with his legs.

“Light vacuum at 300 cannot wait to make that waist disappeared.
Love this pose .
Learned so much last year about my body 💯
Excited for my next move .
@georgefarah_guru 😊”

Blessing Awodibu has turned into a star on social media. He is a bodybuilder who many believe could turn into an Olympia champion. With the look of his physique, Awodibu certainly has the size and will work to make some necessary improvements. It is unknown when he will return to stage but when he does, Awodibu will be a force.

Awodibu began competing in bodybuilding at 18 years old. He quickly made name for himself and earned a victory at the 2016 Arnold Classic Amateur. In 2017, Awodibu earned his Pro Card at the IFBB Diamond Cup. He did not compete in a professional competition until last year. Awodibu finished third at the 2021 Indy Pro in May before taking on the New York Pro.

This is where Blessing Awodibu began his rivalry with Nick Walker, who won the New York Pro and finished fifth at the 2021 Olympia. This was the last time Awodibu stepped on stage and he has clearly made some strides in adding necessary size. In December, Awodibu and Walker were seen training together. Walker is one of the stars in bodybuilding and Awodibu could be on his way to taking that next step.

Awodibu has gained 1.7 million followers on Instagram during his career. He has not been shy about showing off physique updates and where he is in preparation. Fans are looking forward to the day Awodibu returns to the stage and reaches his full potential. Stay tuned for an official announcement on when Blessing Awodibu makes his return.

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