Bodybuilder Arrested After Wife Passes Away Following Attack

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Bodybuilder Igor Porto Brandao claimed his wife fell while cleaning but injuries were inconsistent with a fall.

Marcela Luise, wife of bodybuilder Igor Porto Brandao, passed away after spending 10 days in intensive care following an alleged assault at the hands of her husband.

The news was confirmed to a local news outlet by Luise’s aunt, Fernanda Paula Miranda, who spoke about Brandao.

“She didn’t work and he controlled her. He often told her she wasn’t a good mother, that she didn’t know how to do anything, insulted her, and humiliated her.”

Brandao drove his wife to Santa Monica Hospital in Brazil with multiple injuries. He claimed that she sustained such injuries during a fall while cleaning. Luise suffered traumatic brain injuries, broken ribs, a broken shoulder blade, and had bruises on her face.

On Monday, Luise was pronounced dead and Brandao, who has a history of domestic violence, was arrested.

Bodybuilder Arrested After Injuries Found Inconsistent

The police were notified by the hospital after they found that Luise’s injuries were inconsistent with a fall. This is when the police began an investigation into Brandao.

According to DailyMail, the lead investigator spoke with TV Anhanguera about the incident:

“The hospital contacted the police station informing them that there were multiple injuries, which is not consistent with a fall. She suffered head trauma on both side of her head and at the base of her skull, fractured her collarbone, eight ribs, and had several bruises on her body.”

Brandao was remanded and now awaits a criminal investigation. Police chief Bruna Coelho revealed that Brandao gave Luise a bath before taking her to the hospital. From there, she was taken in for surgery and transferred to the intensive care unit.

Igor Forto Brandao is a bodybuilder who advertised himself as a fitness coach and nutritionist on social media. Following this incident, an Instagram page with 12,000 followers was shut down. Brandao will now await the results of the investigation.

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