Bodybuilder dies untimely.

These days it seems that bodybuilding is growing more and more dangerous. Everywhere you like it seems that bodybuilders are suffering untimely deaths that leaves everyone scratching their heads. Rich Piana and Dallas McCarver are more high profile cases of bodybuilders who have recently lost their lives, but the occurrence is happening at every level of the sport.

Death is a natural part of life, however when a bodybuilder dies in this manner it can’t be helped that the question arises as to what substances the athlete was taking. While all the information isn’t available at this time, it does seem somewhat suspicious that a man at 34 years of age would pass so suddenly. Take a look at the video, courtesy of Shreyas Kamath Fitness, which gives a deeper explanation of the unfortunate occurrence and how Vinaya Raj, the deceased, passed away and a bit of background on the man’s past.

What do you make of this story?

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  1. Diuretics can kill you instantly.
    Especially potasium (K) sparing spironolactone,can lead to hyperkalemia and VF.
    This is a fatal arrythmia that killed Mohamed Benaziza in 1993.
    Other causes of heart attack are AMI by CNS stimulants and hemoragic stroke by CNS stimulants too.
    Coronary vasoconstriction,leading to severe ischemia.
    And systolic hypertension,leading to cerebral aneurism rupture.

    • Muntzer died of multiorganic failure.He was rushed due to gastric mucosa bleeding,while his liver had peliosis hepatis & liver tumors (17 alkylated orals abuse).He was under andrenal insufficiency (aminoglutethimide) and had developed excessive cardiomegaly (GH/IGF1 induced).
      Few weeks after his last ASC in 1996

    • and last question, overall to be a pro, how many calories does eat a day and how much do they spend on food in a month. I had a debate on another post, I said a pro bodybuilder needs to consume at least over 6 thousand calories a day they can easily spend over 1 thousand dollars in food, sub and roids a month, am I wrong?

    • Daniela Collazo a pro bodybuilder at the top level spends a couple thousand in roids alone a month and the food is very expensive as well and then you have to add in the cost of the Supplements they are taking if they don’t have a sponsor. This is why I compete naturally I get to enjoy the sport and don’t have to worry about any of the bs

    • Food at least 50$ per day,especially if he eats red meat and fish on a daily basis.
      So 1500$ is a fair amount.
      Being 250lbs off season requires seven meals of 1000 calories.Thats what Gary Strydom used to tell me.

  2. People can argue back and forth about the dangers of steroids all they want. BUT: Diuretics are dangerous! And quite a few NPC people I know (including a bikini girl) use DNP. That stuff is very dangerous.

  3. That goes to show, before you start your show go get a checkup first. Don’t attempt it your your body is lacking in nutrition. Also consider the amount of water depletion. Probably do a longer prep so you won’t have to deplete as much water and just come on stage with a healthier look.

    • Amen brotha!!! To many people are ignorant to the fact you just said about the golden era greats!!! Plus back then they didn’t take as much juice as the monsters we call bodybuilders take today. More is not better, the less amount used the more benefit !

  4. Potassium chloride ,and arrhythmia could be the cause this happens when you don’t go with professionals trainers and going with anyone’s word ,
    First of all I would call this category as physique competition ,bodybuilding is portrait in a wrong way in India and guys compete on any ground ,bodybuilding federation has to stop illegal supplements and has to take things seriously .

  5. I’m almost positive that Generation Iron hates bodybuilding and their goal is too cause performance-enhancing drug hysteria and misinformation and embarrass the sport. Your posts are horrific, plagiaristic, poorly-written, and ignorant.. And 50% of the time they have nothing to do with actual bodybuilding and rarely, responsibly promote the sport.

  6. This happen because people see what MR.OLYMPIA looks like and people try to get to that level but after a certain amount of time people start to realize it’s not possible with out ped’s and that when the craziness begins!#!!!!

  7. Hagas lo que hagas siempre van a hablar y a criticar. Por eso vive la vida a tú manera, cómo mejor te sientas y esto es son perjudicar ni joder a nadie. A gozarrrrr cómo mejor nos guste.


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