Who is the most well rounded strength athlete?

What do a bodybuilder, powerlifter, crossfitter, and olympic lifter have in common? They all tackle strength sports in their own way. Some members of each community have feuded with each other at one time or another, but the great thing about strength sports is that those arguments can be settled. By focusing on certain aspects from each discipline a bodybuilder can challenge a crossfitter, while a powerlifter can try and prove that they’re stronger than an olympic lifter.

The original show by Brute Strength aims to settle the feuds once and for all as respected and talented members of each of these four strength background compete against each other in a number of different categories. In the latest episode of the show titled “Brute Showdown”, competitors battle to see not only who has the strongest deadlift, but who has the best physique as well. Take a look at the video below that showcases the battle between bodybuilder, powerlifter, crossfitter, and olympic lifter.

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