Forget Synthol, Bodybuilders Now Injecting Themselves with Cooking Oils

Hitting a new low.

Bodybuilding is far from the simplest of tasks. There’s a reason why so many people have trouble getting into the shape that they want. For one thing it requires dedication. It isn’t easy to put yourself through the mild torture of a bodybuilding training. To show up to the gym day in and day out in order to improve your physique can be daunting. Sticking to a diet is also extremely difficult for many individuals who would rather have variety in their life rather than sticking to a systematic program of nutrition. But there are some lazy people out there who would rather look the part from unnatural means.

Synthol users are clearly some of the more hated individuals in the bodybuilding world. Why is there so much hatred? Because these synthol offenders inject themselves with oil in hopes of looking like they work hard then have the audacity to claim that all their muscle growth is due to hard work and dedication like they were any other bodybuilder. It smears the name of bodybuilding and gives undue attention to people to lazy to put in the work required to make a change to their physique through hard training.

But it appears that synthol offenders have started a trend that is only getting worse. Now it seems that there are individuals out there injecting cooking oils into their muscles in the hopes of looking like a legit bodybuilder. That’s right, coconut oil injections is apparently a thing now as a 25 year old UK bodybuilder admitted to using the cooking oil in his arms in hopes of looking the part of a well muscled athlete.

“The doctors conducted an MRI, and once the more detailed scan confirmed the cysts in his arm, the man confessed: He injected coconut oil into the belly of his right arm muscle. There, he hoped the fatty globules would improve the size and definition of his muscles as he waited on the ruptured tendon.”

For the full story head over to the Washington Post article that details everything.

What’s your take on this apparent new trend?

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    • Yeah I seen these before they’re there absolutely nuts if it’s disgusting LMAO, you’re only supposed to use it a week before show it to peek out a certain body part you’re liking like arms or not at all triceps calves shoulder something that you lack that’s what it’s for posing pumps I heard is the Best with Dave Palumbo recommends

    • I’d be too afraid to inject any of that stuff cuz you could actually just died instantly to crazy just like insulin that’s the most dangerous thing besides that dnp should I keep hearing about for fat burning

  1. Synthol is simply designed to assist it making the muscle appear more full not to create muscle minimal use around show time isn’t bad, and it’s a common practice but we got these idiots flat out doing Synthol 365 days a week, watch them start losing limbs and shit

  2. These aren’t “bodybuilders”. These are idiots who think they have some kind of short cut. People that do this are just ignorant and lazy. Stop just lumping them in with bodybuilders who actually put in the work!

    Why would Generation Iron even write, share, or even push something like this! There has got to be something going on in the fitness/bodybuilding world that would be actually interesting and worth the read…….


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