Shawn Ray Vs Lee Labrada.

BODYBUILDING CHRONICLES – dives deep into the most memorable and controversial historical moments in bodybuilding as told by Shawn Ray. Combining Shawn’s impressive historical knowledge of the sport with his own personal insights into major moments, Bodybuilding Chronicles reveals new information and gives the full picture on the bodybuilding industry’s epic history. New episodes air every Monday!

Shawn Ray was an impressive bodybuilder in his prime – but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t struggle to rise up and defeat his competition. We’ve already heard about the all out war Shawn Ray put out against Dorian Yates – but another bodybuilder posed a threat to Shawn throughout his bodybuilding career. That man is Lee Labrada. Shawn Ray ultimately bested Labrada in a way he never could with Dorian Yates… Or as Shawn Ray puts it, in his mind he retired Lee Labrada by being too big to compete against.

In this episode of Bodybuilding Chronicles, Shawn Ray tells the oral history of his rivalry and eventual repeat victories over Lee Labrada and gives insight as to what was going on behind the stage and in between the competitions as Shawn was determined to beat Labrada and become the best bodybuilder possible. Watch the full episode above!

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