A first hand account of Shawn Ray’s eternal struggle against the mighty Dorian Yates.

BODYBUILDING CHRONICLES – dives deep into the most memorable and controversial historical moments in bodybuilding as told by Shawn Ray. Combining Shawn’s impressive historical knowledge of the sport with his own personal insights into major moments, Bodybuilding Chronicles reveals new information and gives the full picture on the bodybuilding industry’s epic history. New episodes air every Monday!

Dorian Yates was known as “The Shadow” and for two very good reasons. One was because all other bodybuilders had to live in his shadow during his prime over 6 Mr. Olympia wins. The second was because he would train in such privacy that no one knew what to expect when he appeared on stage. He kept pushing the boundaries. He kept winning. And each year’s revealed physique continued to shock and awe.

No one knows this better than Shawn Ray. He was one of the very talented bodybuilders forced to live in Dorian Yates’ shadow and with every competition Shawn pressed harder and fought stronger to try and defeat him. In the premiere episode of Bodybuilding Chronicles, Shawn Ray reveals every beat and moment of his rivalry with Dorian Yates, exposing first hand accounts of what happened backstage within the history context of Dorian Yates’ epic reign as a champion. Ultimately revealing just how important Dorian Yates was not only for the sport as a whole – but for Shawn Ray’s career as a bodybuilder. Watch the premiere episode above!


  1. The judging criteria changed during Dorian’s reign. Asthetics and shape became 2nd place to size and conditioning. Tie ins, separation, proportions and even injuries meant less than mass and conditioning. DorIan is also the first Mr. O with a wide waist and gut. BUT none of that mattered because Weinberger had a hard on for his buddy Dorian. Although Dorian isn’t a judge, his physique is responsible for the mess we see today in the open class. Starting in 94.

    • I agree – Dorian was a such different physique than any that had come before and he was so massive and conditioned that he pulled the judges toward him and away from aesthetic physiques. I don’t know about the politics but Dorian’s legacy is all over the Olympia stage today – you can ONLY get bigger – not more aesthetic to keep up…

  2. On the right you can see a person with severe constipation, but managed to fart.

    On the left you can see a person suffering from constipation but eating plums on a regular basis.


  3. Shawn made the point, from one Olympia to the next Dorian disappeared, because he was living, eating, breathing his training, his goal. Shawn said one year he himself was living like nothing else mattered but beating Dorian, doing that 1 year wasn’t enough when your competition did that EVERY year, that’s why Dorian was the champion…….


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