Bodybuilding Fountain of Youth: 51-Year-Old Dad Looks Like His 23-Year-Old Son

Like father, like son.

An Italian bodybuilding father, 51, and his son, 23, are in such great shape that they often get mistaken for brothers.

Roberto Casarotto was introduced to bodybuilding by his son, Stefan, and the two have been training together for some time. Before the training began, Roberto weighed 197 pounds. Now he’s down to an extremely lean 176 and boasts 41-inch biceps. He told LADBible:

“My son inspired me to sculpt my body; he decided to compete, and I joined him. We have started to train very hard together, and we helped each other progress.

“I started seriously bodybuilding in September 2016. My goal was to compete in May 2017. I came sixth place at the IFBB Nord Italia Men’s Physique Over 40 category and in November, I came second place at the IFBB Nottedelle Stelle Men’s Physique Master 40 category.”

Roberto’s muscles are not just for show. He deadlifts over 350 pounds at 51 years of age. Roberto says having his son as a training partner is an invaluable asset:

“Training in two is important; it allows you to push yourself to the limit. I was not happy with my body. I have always seen other people with the perfect physique and I decided that this was what I wanted. I train four times a week for two hours. When I’m closer to the competition date I up my training to five or six times a week.”

Roberto says the physical training has fueled a complete psychological reform. It is rare that a man finds addiction to hard training so late in life, but Roberto says the improvements make him only want more.

“When you start to see the change, you appreciate what you see in the mirror and this makes you feel good.”

“Having a good physique makes you feel better psychologically, which makes you have more energy and power.”

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