A look back at an epic year in bodybuilding and Generation Iron.

2016 is just about to come to a close and the new year will be full of new opportunities. But before anyone can become a stronger mentally or physically – before achieving the next level of greatness – it’s important to look back and learn from the past. Our past (specifically this past year) has been quite the exciting journey. New films, new shows, and some real growth as we become more and more a strong part of the bodybuilding community. It’s pretty motivating actually – which is why we’ve put together a mash up of the greatest moments of the Generation Iron Fitness Network. A year in review that will get any GI fan – hell, any bodybuilding fan, pumped for what is to come. From Kai Greene’s Return to the bodybuilding stage, new episodes of Gregg Valentino and East Coast Mecca… all the way to the release of our brand new documentary about MMA – The Hurt Business; this has been a year worth remembering.

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