Bodybuilding Motivation: Bodybuilding is about facing what is hard head on.

While the adage “work smart, not hard” is good advice to go by in a lot of situations, it is slightly misleading in one respect. Just because you are working smart doesn’t mean you still aren’t working hard. The phrase should really say, “work smart, not harder than you need to.”  Of course, that’s just less catchy and it certainly doesn’t sound great for bodybuilding motivation.

There’s another saying that should be getting more attention for all people looking to transform their life and physique – “the best path is often the hardest one.” That couldn’t be more true for bodybuilding. You need to be willing to face hard work head on and not find ways to avoid it if you want to build a powerhouse physique. That’s not always easy, which is where Alex Kalts’ bodybuilding motivation comes into play.

Strength Wars Movie

In an epic combination of an inspirational speech edited together with powerful bodybuilding imagery – this latest video from Alex Kalts Motivation is designed to help you avoid the “excuses” and get the energy and courage to take on the hard work without hesitation. It’s only natural to have a bad day which is why these kinds of motivational videos are important to remind you that for at least 45 minutes a day – you need to transform that bad day into a productive one. It’s 100% possible. This video will help you get there. Check it out above!

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